Wednesday, 13 October 2010

From Russia with love

I've just spotted some more coverage on my collection on another Russian website, called Green Mama. These guys seem to like the collection, although again I can't be sure as I don't understand Russian! Translations very welcome....

See the page here

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  1. Did you try google translate:
    I - terrible merzlyachka, and now looking out the window, I cringed and began going over in my head all my warm clothes. They turned out to be not so much, especially sweaters, which I really love (not prickly). Therefore, as soon as one of the primary objectives - to buy something cushy and myagenkoe, for example, a jacket or poncho Amy Hall. In these models, I was attracted by that of the products include wool, silk and mohair, I wonder how it feels to the touch. But most importantly, natural materials, and then as acrylic divorced. And here's another question, how do you fight with pellets?