Thursday, 2 February 2012

Premier screening of Bill Cunningham New York

I felt very fortunate to be invited to the UK premier of Richard Press's 'Bill Cunningham New York' last night at the Soho Hotel.

Like most people who are interested in fashion, photography or both, I have been a fan of Bill's work for years. He is the original and best street-style photographer and sees details in day-to-day outfits that might completely escape another's notice. US Vogue's Anna Wintour credits him with spotting key trends months before anyone else.

Over the years he has worked predominantly for The New York Times, pounding the streets of New York from dawn to dusk capturing anyone who he believes has style, usually from his bicycle. He shuns digital in favour of a traditional SLR and has an absolutely enormous archive consisting of mostly unpublished work.

But the most striking thing about him is his integrity. In a world where women get a kick out of seeing other women looking bad, it's delightfully reassuring that Bill Cunningham would never print an unflattering photograph of anyone. He's passionate about women, their clothes and his work and, as his contemporary Chris Moore said at the Q&A after last night's film, quite simply, he's a gentleman.

To see Bill Cunningham's work for The New York Times, click here
To see the trailer for Bill Cunningham New York, click here
Bill Cunningham New York is in UK cinemas from 16th March.

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