Monday, 1 November 2010

Knit a Neuron

I finally have a minute to sit down and write about my meeting a very interesting bunch of people 2 weeks ago. I went to the Wellcome Trust on Euston Road to meet a group of knitting neuroscientists (!) from UCL who have formed a collective called 'Knit a Neuron'. Rather than attempt to sum up what they're about myself, I have cheated and taken some of their blurb from their site:

"Knit a Neuron is a collaborative, knitting, art project. We want you to pick up your needles and hooks to creates hundreds of woolly brain cells. We'll sew them all together to create a fabulous brainy artwork. Once it's done, the woolly brain will go on tour to raise funds for the Head Injury Therapy Endowment Fund and will have a permanent home in the University of Bristol's brain imaging centre, CRIC (Clinical Research Imaging Centre) opening later this year.'

Despite being slightly intimidated by being surrounded on all sides by very clever scientists, the event was really fun. After all, I always enjoy knitting with an accompanying glass of wine. But the most impressive/odd (depending on your point of view) thing to happen that evening, was Adrian (the one I call my boyfriend) learning how to knit on his first try. Now I know I'm not a bad tutor, but that was pretty ridiculous. He might not be so happy about my sharing that with you all, though...

To find out more about Knit a Neuron, or to get involved, go here

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