Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The 'Freshwater' and its namesake

Our asymmetric dress 'Freshwater' is named after one of the more dramatic locations on the Isle of Wight: Freshwater Bay.

Every year in May a charity event called 'Walk the Wight' takes place, where thousands of people walk from the furthest point on the east of the island to the furthest on the west: Bembridge to Alum Bay. My favourite part is when you join the Tennyson trail, which runs along the 'spine' of the island, dropping down into beautiful Freshwater Bay and then leading steeply up again, onto Tennyson Down. The cliffs are stunning and on a clear day, before you come down into Freshwater, you can look from north to south and actually see the distinctive shape of the island either side of you.

Our lightweight two-tone 'Freshwater' dress is knitted using a British silk and wool blend, with the same structured 'bell' sleeve as the Appley sweater. 

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