Friday, 24 June 2011

How to dress as a summer cyclist, according to Vogue... did a piece back in May called How to Dress as a Summer Cyclist and I started to read it thinking it was going to be ridiculously impractical and unrealistic (this wasn't helped by the first image they used, see left - I mean, can you really see either of those models cycling off into the sunset after that shot was taken?!).

Whenever bloggers or magazines shoot girls on bikes they always look very 'fashion' - short shorts with diaphanous blouse and mega wedges. Great if you're getting papped, not so good if you're cycling around London trying to get safely from A to B.

Anyway, as I read on I saw that most of the girls Vogue had spoken to did actually have a fairly practical approach to cycling, with most confessing to having a preference for jeans & flats, with Agyness Deyn saying that her one MUST is to always wear a helmet. They may make you look like a total dweeb, but they're a necessity.

Whenever I'm off somewhere on my bike (and owing to my hatred of London Transport, I pretty much cycle everywhere unless it's tipping down with rain) I'm always in a quandary about what to wear. I'm far too lazy to wear one thing and change when I arrive at my destination which means that, while I love a pair of 5 inch heels and tailored shorts, you'll pretty much always catch me in jeans and flip flops when I'm on my beloved bike. And ALWAYS in a helmet!
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