Thursday, 13 January 2011

Talented tiny knitters

This morning I went to John Donne Primary School in Peckham to speak to their resident knitting club about knitting and knitwear design. These children (aged roughly 8 - 11) are absolutely incredible! They knit beautifully (and I do mean beautifully - not a dropped or wobbly stitch in sight) and have such a keen eye for colour. I was even more impressed that, out of the sizeable group that turns up most days, at least 5 of them were boys.

When I was small I was taught to knit by my mother & grandmother and while we may have spent one or two afternoons knitting in the classroom, there was nothing like this. Their teacher is brilliant, really committed and the kids have so much enthusiasm for it, making adjustments to knitting patterns and adding their own details like pockets to tiny dolls garments. I couldn't have done that at their age!

As a bonus, I may even have found myself a model for the next collection...

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